Silk Pillowcases – why they’re the ultimate beauty tool + why you should make the switch.

Beauty sleep is real—no matter which way you cut it, in order to look and feel our best, we need to catch those all important Zs. It is essential that we give our bodies enough time to reset, especially since we know cell turnover primarily happens at night. Although there are a number of fancy creams, lotions and potions you can lather on your face to help maximise skin regeneration while you sleep, there’s another thing that has taken the beauty world by storm: silk pillowcases! You’ve probably heard about them, but wondered if they’re really worth the hype, right?! 

Well we can assure you, they certainly are! Our pillowcase slips are made from the highest quality 100% mulberry silk. They are natural, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-aging and boast an array of beauty boosting benefits for both your hair and skin. They are much loved by hairstylists, beauty therapists and skin specialists alike. 

Never underestimate the important of your pillow as an overnight beauty treatment! We spend an average of 8 hours a night, having our heads pressed against our pillowcases, it sure is a decent amount of time. In fact, it works out that we spend around a third of our lives in bed. Considering this, take a moment to think about how much bacteria your pillowcase holds, given that it has your face and hair pushed up against it for so long each day. 

There’s a common misconception that all pillowcases are created equal, after all, they’re just a sleeve of fabric right?! This isn’t the case though. Silk is a natural fibre which makes it more breathable when used to cover your pillow. It won’t draw moisture away from your face or hair while you sleep, which ensures that you get the best beauty sleep possible. 

The properties of the material used to make your pillowcase are very important for keeping your beautiful and healthy hair the way it is. The moisture-wicking property of silk makes silk pillowcases a good choice to restore the beauty in your hair. Silk can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and still remain dry. Moisture will be absorbed from your hair which in turn will keep your hair in good condition.

A silk pillow case is made of perfectly smooth fibers. On the other hand, cotton pillowcases have a coarser texture that can cause your hair to break and tangle or get frizzy. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase causes no mechanical irritation. Moreover, silk fibers have a similar structure to human hair, containing 97% amino acids and 3%waxy and fat fibers. This will reduce split ends and thereby significantly reduce hair damage.

Cotton and synthetic  fibres hold a lot more bacteria than silk, and over time, if your pillowcase goes un-washed, it carries the same strain of bacteria that is typically found on a toilet seat (so gross). 

Silk pillowcases are amazing for helping to prolong the life of your blow-wave. Your locks will glide along on the silk while you snooze, your hair won’t be caught and won’t snag, in turn preventing breakage, split ends and snapping. 

Silk pillowcases are amazing for girls who wear extensions (because they need extra TLC), have fragile and super damaged hair, are suffering from hair loss during pregnancy and postpartum, and who’s hair needs a boost overall.  silk pillowcases also control your hair’s sebum production better than cotton, which sops up excess oil overnight and encourages your scalp to produce more to compensate.

 Silk pillowcases will ensure that if you sleep with a serum or moisturiser on your face, it stays on your skin and doesn’t get drawn away by your pillow. 

Sleeping on silk ensures that you don’t wake up with the dreaded ‘sleep crease’ look. Your skin will love the soft feel of silk, as opposed to the scratchy feel of cotton or synthetic materials. 

 The fact that silk pillowcases don’t hold as much bacteria and are more breathable, means that they will help to prevent break outs and the re-occurrence of spots and zits! 

They are also great for girls who have eyelash extensions. Pressing your lash extensions into cotton or synthetic fibres puts you at a greater risk of snagging and the loss of your lashes. 

Are you convinced to give them a go yet?! We are sure that once you go silk, you won’t want to go back. 

We have our silk pillowcase slips available in two neutral colours, Ivory White and Charcoal. 

If you have light coloured bed linen, the Ivory will be best for you. If you have darker coloured bed linen, are known to sleep with make-up on, or fake tan applied, our Charcoal slip will be perfect for you. 

Invest in your beauty sleep and check them out online here:


May 01 2018


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